Women comprise at least half of the population worldwide, and Canada presents no exception. However, looking at businesses and industries across the board, women are woefully underrepresented in leadership roles. While the 2016 Canadian Board Diversity Council report card discovered that more women than ever sit on company boards, the data revealed how low the
January 5, 2018
Kathy Ward, former president and CEO of Canadian Black Book, passed away on Christmas Eve. She was 60 and had been battling cancer. She had retired in September of 2016. Brad Rome replaced her as president. “Kathy was a true industry icon and pioneering example of female success in automotive,” Rome said in an email
  • Women & Automotive 2017 Profiles in Leadership
The Women & Automotive Canadian Leadership Forum has proven itself as one of the up-and-coming events in the Canadian used-car industry, gathering some of the most influential and important names in the business for a day to discuss how to foster a more diverse, inclusive atmosphere for the growth and betterment of the industry. If
The 2018 Women & Automotive Canadian Leadership Forum is coming sooner than you may realize. In just over three months, people across the country will converge on the Westin Harbour Castle on the Toronto waterfront for this special event. If you want to attend but someone needs further convincing, here are some handy talking points
Today we’re celebrating International Women’s Day with wise words from our inaugural ‘Profiles in Leadership’ award recipients and all around inspirational female leaders of the automotive industry. I always try to look forward and not back and provide my teammates with continual performance feedback and clear expectations. —Alba Henderson, Bickley Ford I dig right in to
As part of the Special Conference Edition coverage in the March/April issue, Auto Remarketing Canada is launching a new feature called Women & Automotive: Profiles in Leadership. In conjunction with the Women & Automotive: Canadian Leadership Forum, Auto Remarketing Canada will be compiling a handful of profile stories about women in the Canadian auto industry who exemplify
It can be challenging for women in all industries to “Lean In,” but guidance and leadership from those who have been there before help to pave the way for women in a variety of industries, from technology to automotive. At the inaugural Women & Automotive conference, join Erin Elofson, director of financial services and automotive
We are about three weeks away from the first-ever 2016 Women and Automotive conference, and can you believe that some people haven’t registered yet? I mean, it makes you wonder what they’re waiting for, right? Haven’t they seen our incredible lineup of speakers and sessions? Did they forget to check out the growing list of attendees interested in
The 2016 Women & Automotive conference will feature keynotes, networking sessions, workshops and, of course, panel discussions. (Click here for the full agenda!) The conversations started during these panel discussions will touch on a wide variety of topics and will feature speakers from throughout the industry. First up, at 9 a.m., a panel of dealers will discuss
We are beyond excited for this year’s inaugural Women & Automotive Conference, presented by Cox Automotive, which will bring together some of the biggest names in the industry as well as attendees from a variety of automotive segments to discuss the challenges and opportunities impacting women in the automotive industry today. If you haven’t yet