Mentorship. Workplace technology. Company culture. Conscious leadership. Securing the corner office. We could go on.

As a leaders in the automotive industry, what’s your specialty? What insight do you have to offer other leaders,  or those still working their way up?

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We want voices willing to speak on the above topics and more on the 2020 Women & Automotive stage come Monday, Sept. 14, in Toronto, at the Westin Harbour Castle. And we know you’re out there! Every year, the Women & Automotive team continues to be impressed with the caliber of  the over 200 attendees, speakers and leaders that have joined us in Toronto each year, for the past four years.

As we gear of for W&A year 5, we want to make sure to secure the best, more relevant auto leaders for our stage.

So, here are a few questions that might help your decision whether W&A is the right event stage for you? 

  • Have you had an interesting, or alternative path to the automotive industry? Perhaps your background was in consulting, or technology, before making the jump to auto?
  • Are you a women auto dealer that knows what it takes to get to the top of a dealership, the challenges and opportunities available, and would like to encourage other women starting out in the dealership?
  • Are you at the height of your career in auto, and seeing industry shifts in terms of diversity, inclusion, or workplace culture? We want to hear about those changes.

Grace Kong, Vice President, Human Resources, Cox Automotive Canada, at the 2018 Women & Automotive event.

  • Do you feel there are opportunities for women in automotive leadership positions that aren’t being recognized? We want to know where those are, and how we reach quality individuals to fill these positions.
  • Do you have insights on the future of auto?

These outline just.a few of the scenarios that would be ideal for a spot on the W&A stage!

Women & Automotive’s goal is finding thought leaders in the industry to give our audience insight into the next horizon of mentorship, inclusivity in auto, what leadership looks like in a new decade and more.

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Our attendees want actionable items that they can take back to their workplace and implement right away on topics like advancing women in their careers, respect in the workplace and cultivating a diverse, inclusive atmosphere across the industry. (One more tip: We know it’s tempting to spread the good word about your exciting new product or service. But our attendees simply do not respond well to a “salesy” presentation.) 

Lastly, here are a few links that will prove helpful as you consider a speaking opportunity at Women & Automotive 2020:

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions on the Women & Automotive call for speakers, content or 2020 agenda at

We hope to hear from you soon, as we craft our Women & Automotive agenda for this summer. Already have a topics in mind? The W&A speaker form is just one click away!

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