It’s just a bit over a week away from this year’s Women & Automotive: A Canadian Leadership Forum, and our team is excited to once again open the discussion for insight & info sharing, strategizing and networking in an effort to empower women into more leadership roles in auto.

And what’s particularly interesting about an event like Women & Automotive, which historically has brought together over 200 people, is the breadth of talent it attracts. Instead of being focused on one vertical or sector in the auto industry, the Leadership Forum aims to address the overarching topics of equality in the workplace, employee engagement and retainment mentorship, and more, that impact all areas of the auto biz. And we think our newly released pre-con attendee list reflects just that, with professionals ranging from auto dealers and wholesale professionals to digital marketers, regulators and more.

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The list, featuring over 170 individuals already, includes the name, title and company of those registered for Women & Automotive. Our attendee list, which is never offered for sale, is exclusively provided to Women & Automotive guests.

The post-con attendee list — that is password protected, updated and sent directly to attendees by email after the event — provides the name, title, office phone number, company address and email address of some of the auto industries top thought leaders. It will also be available for attendees on-site via, and cannot be copied, pasted or printed.

Looking for a snapshot of who’s attending Women & Automotive? See below for a few companies and organizations represented that are sure to catch your eye:

  •  Toyota Canada
  • TRADER Corp.
  • Cox Automotive Canada
  • The Economic Club of Canada
  • The Globe & Mail 
  • Hyundai Capital CanadaC
  • The Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council (OMVIC)
  • Zanchin Automotive Group
  • Kijij Canada
  • TradeRev
  • CDK Global

Register here to get your name on the attendee list, add your name and company to the Women & Automotive discussion.