When beginning to brainstorm about Women & Automotive 2019 ideas, our team read one headline that resonated with us early on in the agenda planning process.

That was one from Business Insider: “There are only 25 women CEOs in the Fortune 500 — Here’s the Full List.” If anyone else is underwhelmed by that number; you’re not alone (and unfortunately, it’s gotten even smaller with the step down of Indra Nooyi as chief exec of Pepsi Co.). Interestingly, this group of women currently includes some of the biggest names in auto. For example, General Motors’ CEO Mary Barra, and Hertz Global Holdings’ Kathryn Marinello.

And although these women leaders are forging paths for those to come, and making a significant impact on their respective industries, a New York Times article also published in 2018 discovered an alarming trend. The number of women chief executives is actually dropping — by a whopping 25 percent last year.

And according to Grant Thornton’s “Women in Business: Beyond Policy to Progress,” women hold under a quarter of senior roles across the world in 2018 — a drop from 25 percent in 2017.

Although there are a number of theories as to why this may be occurring, the team at Women & Automotive wanted to look at the challenge through the eyes of the automotive industry. That’s why we formed the panel discussion, “The View from C-Level: Advancing Women Leadership in Auto,” and put together a team of panelists that combines leading human resources and recruiting professionals, and leaders across the auto industry.

Here is the full lineup of the discussion that will be moderated by recruitment and talent acquisition professional DX-Learning Solutions’ Priyanka Mehandiratta:

  • Sandra Kim, Director, Human Resources, TradeRev
  • Laura Zanchin, EVP, Principal, Zanchin Automotive Group
  • Ruth McBride, VP, Manufacturer Partnerships, Dealer Products and Programs, Scotiabank
  • Leanne Kripp, Director, Head of Autos, Kijiji Canada 

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How can we get more women in c-level positions across the auto industry and beyond? How can we get today’s company and corporate leaders to care? Changing the status quo will take strategy. Learn from leaders at the top on ways to create real change.

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